Strikeforce ‘Fedor vs. Silva’ Live Play-by-Play

Feb 12, 2011 will report from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J., at approximately 7:40 p.m. ET with play-by-play and live results of Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Silva,” which is headlined by Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva.

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Jason McLean vs. Kevin Roddy
Round 1
A decent, if not great showing as we start the first preliminary of the evening. The men touch gloves and both fighters exchange leg kicks. The Pellegrino MMA-trained Roddy looks to be the aggressor of the two in the early going going after McLean. Roddy misses on a right hook but follows up with a one-two that only does a little damage. McLean is doing very little to start this opening round. Roddy comes in for a combination and McLean counters, but again with very little punches on either side. A whole lot of nothing from this opening round as McLean seems to be struggling with Roddy's range. Roddy moves in on McLean, allowing McLean to connect with a one-two. Very little of significance in this opening round until a very late takedown by McLean puts Roddy into the fence. It could be enough to give McLean the round, but scores it 10-10.

Round 2
Dave Mandel

McLean (right) vs. Roddy
Low kicks are exchanged again to start the round and Roddy continues to paw with his right. He finally follows up with a brief flurry before both fighters go back to circling. McLean is looking to time Roddy's movements and Pellegrino is urging his fighter to go after McLean in the corner. Roddy responds with more aggression but also clips McLean with a low blow, bringing a stop to the action. After a brief rest we get the restart in the action and McLean finally times Roddy the right way and comes in full force on his opponent with a big flurry taking the taller fighter down with his shots. The ensuing scramble sees Roddy get back up to his feet as McLean is unable to capitalize. With a minute to go in the round, McLean is on his horse looking to counter Roddy again. A couple of kicks fail to find their mark for Roddy at the end
of the round that goes the way of McLean, 10-9.

Round 3
McLean tries to come in on Roddy to start the round and catches a right hook for his troubles. A takedown scores for McLean about a minute into the round, but little comes from it as Roddy gets back up. Roddy tries to turn the tables on McLean, and after a less than stellar looking takedown attempt gets McLean on his back up against the cage and in mount. McLean tries to maneuver his way into a better position underneath Roddy but the longer Roddy takes McLean's back with 90 seconds left to go in the round. McLean is trying to turn into Roddy while fighting off the rear-naked choke attempt and a body triangle. With less than 30 seconds to go McLean manages to turn all the way into Roddy but has to fight off an armbar attempt as the round closes. scores the third round in favor of Roddy 10-9.

Official scores: 29-28 (twice) and 28-29 in favor of McLean, who takes the split decision.

Anthony Leone vs. Josh LaBerge
Round 1
D. Mandel

LaBerge (left) vs. Leone
Referee Keith Peterson is in the cage for this featherweight contest. Laberge takes the inside and the men circle for a minute before LaBerge ties up. Leone pushes him into the fence and scores with a few knees inside before they disengage. They clinch again and trade knees, then Leone snaps off a hard low kick. He just misses with a spinning back fist. Leone really attacking the leg of LaBerge, who then drops Leone with a knee. Leone survives with a single-leg, but he’s now bleeding badly from his nose. He drags LaBerge down and gets to side control, bleeding all over LaBerge until the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Leone
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Leone
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 LaBerge

In between rounds, the cageside physician has a look at Leone’s nose and deems him unfit to continue. Josh LaBerge gets the win via doctor stoppage after five minutes.

Don Carlo-Clauss vs. Sam Oropeza
D. Mandel

Oropeza (top) vs. Carlo-Clauss
Round 1
Keith Peterson returns to officiate this 170-pound bout. The southpaw Oropeza misses with a left high kick over the head of the shorter Carlo-Clauss. They clinch and Oropeza shoves his man into the fence. There’s a bit of inside fighting and trading of blocked knees before they split. Oropeza misses with the same close head kick, then another. With about 90 seconds left, Oropeza finally thuds the high kick off the head of Carlo-Clauss, who shoots in survival mode. Oropeza sprawls and spins around to Carlo-Clauss’ back. He lands a dozen or more unanswered punches to the turtling Carlo-Clauss before Peterson steps in to wave it off. The result is announced as a verbal submission due to strikes at the 4:10 mark.

Igor Gracie vs. John Salgado
Round 1
D. Mandel

Gracie (left) vs. Salgado
Kevin Mulhall is the ref for this welterweight bout. Salgado scores with a few punches over the low guard of Gracie. They tie up along the fence and Gracie lifts Salgado into the air before slamming him down and taking side control. Gracie hops onto Salgado’s back, locks up a body triangle and rolls onto his back. Gracie looking for the rear-naked choke but can’t get the forearm under the chin. Salgado slams his head backward into Gracie’s face and receives a warning from Mulhall. Salgado twists into the cage and tries to shake Gracie, but the body triangle is still in place. Salgado on his side now with Gracie on top using hammer fists. Gracie rolls to his back again with about two minutes left and gets back to hunting for the choke. Salgado is keeping his hands on Gracie’s to negate the choke, but he’s playing strictly defense.

Salgado uses both of his hands to control Gracie’s right wrist. Salgado goes for a headlock in the last seconds, but Gracie gets into mount as the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Gracie
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Gracie
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Gracie

Round 2
Salgado comes out with low and spinning kicks, trying to keep his distance as the second round opens, but Gracie soon plows him to the mat. Gracie pins him against the fence sitting and traps both of Salgado’s legs in a triangle. Salgado grabs for a guillotine, but Gracie hops into mount and tries to pin down Salgado’s left arm. Salgado gets the limb free, but Gracie is fully mounted and trying to flatten his man out with three minutes still to go. Body punches from the top, then Gracie postures up for a few to the face. Salgado spins out from the cage and slips loose, but Gracie gets right on his back. Salgado turns over and Gracie sinks in a deep arm-triangle choke. Salgado appears to consider tapping just before he goes unconscious. Ref Mulhall immediately steps in for the save at 3:04 of the second frame.

Marc Stevens vs. John Cholish
Round 1
D. Mandel

Cholish (right) vs. Stevens
Kevin Mulhall is back for this welterweight matchup, the final preliminary bout of the evening. Cholish catches Stevens leaning with a switch kick and a punch, then goes down into Stevens’ guard. Stevens gets loose and Cholish looks to have a guillotine for a moment, but Stevens slips out, gets to his feet and presses Cholish into the fence. Cholish reverses and seems to hurt Stevens with a flurry of knees to the midsection. They split and go back to head-hunting. Stevens changes levels for the takedown, but it’s Cholish who gets underhooks and winds up in side control, drilling knees to Stevens’ body. Cholish tries to step over and Stevens regains a deep half-guard. Stevens now gets full guard, hanging on underneath with 30 seconds left. Big punch from Cholish on top opens up a cut near Stevens’ eye before the end of
the round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Cholish
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Cholish
Lutfi Sariahmed scores the round 10-9 Cholish

Round 2
Both men looking energetic as the second frame begins. Cholish stuffs another Stevens takedown 30 seconds in and winds up in Stevens’ guard, raining down punches. Stevens throws up a triangle attempt which Cholish easily slips free of. From half-guard, Cholish scoots Stevens from the middle of the cage to the base of the fence. Cholish is posturing up and punching, but not keeping busy enough for ref Mulhall, who issues a confusing standup order. Stevens is looking wiped, hunting for a big punch as Cholish kicks to the body. Stevens goes for a takedown, doesn’t get it, but does take Cholish’s back standing. Cholish rolls under, grabs the right leg of Stevens and wrenches it back. Stevens grimaces in pain and taps to the kneebar at 3:57 of the second round.

Valentijn Overeem vs. Ray Sefo
Round 1
Dan Miragliotta is the referee in charge of the night’s first heavyweight bout. Overeem opens with an inside leg kick and Sefo returns the favor. Sefo with a left hook and an overhand right. He rushes Overeem into the cage with a right hand and the Dutchman circles out. Front kick from Overeem. Sefo jumps into the pocket with a combo. Overeem changes levels and puts Sefo down against the fence with a single-leg. From side control, Overeem cranks the neck of Sefo and quickly forces the tap out. The official time is 1:37 of the first round.

Gian Villante vs. Chad Griggs
Round 1
Yves Lavigne is our referee. Griggs comes in swinging and Villante answers with some uppercuts in the clinch. Villante lobbing low kicks before they tie up again and Griggs tags him with a haymaker. Griggs cracks him with another big punch and Villante rushes him into the fence to slow the action. Lavigne instructs them to work and Griggs punches to the body. They disengage and Griggs lands a one-two, prompting Villante to shoot again. This time, Griggs sprawls and lands some shots on the kneeling Villante. Villante looks to be in real trouble before landing a head kick on Griggs. Lavigne halts the action at an inopportune time to get Villante’s mouthpiece back in. They get back to work and Griggs starts throwing bombs. A right hand drops Villante, but he gets back up. Griggs gives chase and lands another huge right, and Villante goes crashing to the mat. Griggs pounces and blasts away until Lavigne jumps in at 2:49 the mark.

Shane del Rosario vs. Lavar Johnson
Round 1
Yves Lavigne returns to ref another heavyweight tilt. Del Rosario goes high with a kick and clashes with a punch from Johnson. They clinch and trade knees before Del Rosario pins Johnson against the fence. Del Rosario is warned for holding the cage, then gets reversed by Johnson with the over-unders. Johnson trips him to the mat and Lavigne again warns Del Rosario of the cage grabbing. Johnson works from the open guard of Del Rosario, who twists and pushes off the cage, scrambling to his feet. He comes forward with a head kick and a few punches, but Johnson ties up again. This time, he can’t get Del Rosario down, but does pop him with a knee in the clinch and a punch to the body. Del Rosario clinches up now, drilling hard hooks to the ribs of Johnson. They split and Johnson comes forward throwing shots. Del Rosario slips them and takes Johnson down, then jumps into mount. Del Rosario has full mount in the middle of the cage with two minutes left. He postures up and throws a few shots, riding high on Johnson’s chest. Johnson doing well to hold his arms out and defend the punches, but some are still getting through. Del Rosario spins off to Johnson’s right arm and extends the limb. Johnson stacks up and looks to escape, but Del Rosario has it tight and gets the tap at 4:31, running his unbeaten record to 11-0.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Sergei Kharitonov
Round 1
Kevin Mulhall is our referee for the semi-main event. Arlovski fires a low kick and Kharitonov comes over the top. Switch kick and a right hand find their targets for Arlovski. They clinch and Arlovski pops his man with a few uppercuts underneath. Arlovski kicks low and high, keeping on the outside as Kharitonov presses in from the center. Jabs landing for Arlovski now, and a quick one-two. Kharitonov ties up and tries to dirty-box, but Arlovski shoves him off. Kharitonov lands a pair of right hands and gets Arlovski against the fence, where Sergei drops him with a looping right. Kharitonov shucks the legs and wails away from side control. He lands a right, a left and another right. The last punch turns out Arlovski’s lights and Mulhall steps in to rescue the downed Belarusian. The official time of the brutal knockout is 2:49 of the first round.

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva
Round 1
Referee Dan Miragliotta is in charge of tonight’s main event. The men meet in the center of the cage and Fedor slings grazing overhand punches. He comes in again and eats a counter left from Silva, but keeps moving forward. Silva flicks out a leg kick as Fedor inches toward him. Fedor lobs a punch and the tie up, Silva pushing the Russian into the cage. Short inside knees from Silva before Miragliotta restarts them. Fedor is throwing wild, lands a few blows, but eats a hard punch from Silva in return. Emelianenko’s nose appears to be bloodied less than halfway through the round. Silva gets an underhook and leans his huge frame on Emelianenko. The Brazilian doubles over for a takedown and Fedor grabs a guillotine. Silva looks for a takedown, but Fedor stays up and dives into Bigfoot’s guard. He doesn’t stay there long, as Silva grabs at a leg. Fedor jumps back down into half-guard and lands short punches on Silva. The bigger Silva muscles his way to the feet and pins Fedor agains the fence again. Silva lands a right hand, initiating a flurry of punches from both men. Silva scores a takedown with 10 seconds left and finishes the round at the base of the cage.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Emelianenko
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Emelianenko
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Silva

Round 2
Silva times a punch from Fedor and takes the Russian down immediately. Silva keeps tight in Fedor’s half-guard as Fedor throws short punches from underneath. Silva passes to Fedor’s right, moves to north-south and then into full mount. Fedor eats a few punches and gives up his back, but Silva can’t get the rear-naked choke before Fedor twists around again. More punches from Silva on top and Fedor turns over again. With Fedor again on his back, Silva pins Emelianenko down and lands hard shots, further bloodying Fedor. Miragliotta is taking a close look, but Fedor is dodging punches from mount. Still, the situation looks dire as Silva jumps off to the right side of Emelianenko. Silva has a tight-looking arm-triangle choke, but Emelianenko will not tap. After a few tense moments, Silva relents and winds up back in Emelianenko’s half-guard. Still 90 seconds left on the clock and both men look spent. Fedor’s face is badly lumped up. Silva drops back for a kneebar, but Fedor resists and goes for a toe hold of his own. Silva wags his finger and that’s where the round ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-8 Silva
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-8 Silva
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-8 Silva

Emelianenko’s right eye is grotesquely swollen shut and referee Dan Miragliotta waves the contest off in between rounds two and three on the advice of the cageside doctor. Silva’s corner doesn’t seem immediately aware of the decision and continues prepping for the third period. When they find out, the Brazilian team reacts with joy before Silva walks over and bows in front of Emelianenko.

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